CB Radio Amplifiers

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For High quality Class AB-1 AM/SSB amplifiers, hard
to get a better value/product, than the Texas Star
Line.  Check out more
Texas Star Amplifiers
Texas Star CB Amplifiers
For the serious "Competition" class radio operators, you can't go wrong with
Fat Boy Competition designed-in-mind amplifiers:
Fatboy CB Amplifiers
Amplifiers - For 10 and 12 meter use only
*Please note, CB Radio and Ham Radio Amplifiers may require special licensing and/or may be illegal in the US.  The provided
literature is for information and entertainment value only for world wide web browsers and searchers, and we are not advertising,
marketing, and do not sale these radios or any amplifiers within the US in the past, present and/or will in the future.  These radios are
export CB and/or 10 meter radios only.
Info and Prices on CB Radio Amplifiers:
CB Amplifiers are used to boost your transmit
strength.  Most CB Amplifiers are solid state
transistor devices, however tube type monsters still
exist.  Please note, that the FCC does not authorize
the use of CB Amplifiers in the US, hence many are
sold as 10 meter amplifiers not as CB or 11 meter

Many of the most popular are the Texas Star,
Palomar, Xforce, Davemade, Ameritron, and Fatboy

Please note, that CB amplifiers also require a heavy
duty power supply source to run them.  You'll never
get the watts out of an amplifier, unless the power
supply input source is also enough wattage.  Most
amplifiers are Class AB or Class C.  Class AB is
typically less than 60 percent efficient.  So in order to
amplify your signal, it takes more input power than
what you receive in output.  Not to get too technical,
but a 100 watt amplifier make require 14 amps or
more, when running a 12 volt DC power supply.  14
amps times 12 volts equal approx 168 watts of input
power supply wattage, to generate 100 watts out.
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