Cobra 29 Soundtracker
Cobra 29 ST - With Soundtracker Technology

The Cobra 29ST has been replaced with the NW and WXNW ST series..  The Sound
Tracker feature is thrown in now as an additional feature.

Cobra's website release notice:

Cobra proudly introduces the first Patent Pending Technology that dramatically
improves the transmission and reception of CB radio signals - SoundtrackerTM.
This revolutionary system reconfigures the transmission signal which allows it to be
transferred more effectively through cluttered air waves. It literally "punches" your
message through the hundred of thousands of signals that are in the air. At the same
time SoundTrackerTM dynamically adjusts the relationship between the signal and
static commonly referred to as noise. This allows Cobra's SoundTrackerTM to
significantly reduce the amount of static on all incoming CB signals. The system can be
further optimized when two SoundTrackerTM CB's are used to talk to each other.

The end result is a clearer, cleaner-sounding reception of signals and more powerful
transmission which dramatically improves CB communications.

It should be noted that due to the technical characteristics of SoundtrackerTM, there is
a noise level threshold upon which the noise reduction benefits are not realized. If there
is a high degree of background noise, Soundtracker TM will provide little or no benefit.
Maximum performance is realized under moderate noise levels.

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Cobra 29 Soundtracker
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