Cobra CB Radios
Cobra 29 LTD Classic with NightWatch ST
Cobra 29 WX CB Radios
Cobra 25 WX CB Radios
Cobra 148 Night Watch 40 CH AM/SSB mobile
Cobra 148 GTL 40 CH AM/SSB mobile
Cobra CB Radios
Cobra 148 NW CB Radios
Cobra 148 GTL CB Radios
Cobra CB Radios

Cobra continues to be the leading CB Radio suppliier.  The Cobra 29 LTD has been a
top AM only radio seller for years, and the 148 GTL is also a top selling SSB radio.  We
are adding more Cobra CB Radios to our website, below are just the most popular
models.  We have both the Cobra 148 GT (or 148gtl radio) and the Night Watch Sound
Tracker.  Please call us to get current special pricing and availability.

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Cobra 19
Cobra 19 DX IV AM Radio
Cobra 18 WXST